How to Order Banners

1st: Choose Design & Size

Standard Sizes

Church Banner Size Chart

Custom Sizes

Every banner is created after it is ordered, so you can request any custom size that fits your church needs. Custom pricing can be determined for both vinyl and fabric right at the design page under the banners tab.

2nd: Choose Your Level of Customization

Customize It: Hire a professional Christian designer to personalize your banner for less than $20. Your designer can modify or add new text to your design. They can also customize fonts and the overall style of the design to meet your needs. You'll receive a proof within 24-48 hours. Want more customization? No problem, for just $45 you can get a customized design based on your exact needs.*

No Titles: If you want to turn a wall into a beautiful piece of art then our no title option is perfect. There are no design fees for just having us remove the title to create a stunning image. Popular with our fabric banner material.

As Seen: Like it the way it is? Then skip the proof and we'll ship it within 72 hours.

*Customization rate includes the first 2 hours of design. Additional hours may be required based on design concept.

3rd: Choose Your Material

Scrim Vinyl: All of our vinyls are American made and hold the quality of your graphic for years to come. Our scrim vinyl is the standard material for either our indoor or outdoor banners. We run multiple thicknesses and choose the one that is best suited for your job. By choosing the "display location" you help us know how to best serve your needs. Advantages: Low cost, durable, perfect for outdoor use (up to a few years) or indoor for multi-week events.

Curl-Resistant Vinyl: This unique material prevents your vinyl from edge curl that is typical in standard vinyls. Our unique curl-resistant vinyl will hang better and look nice longer. Advantages: holds its shape longer and looks better over time. Exclusively for indoor use.

Poly Fiber Fabric: Fabric banners are perfect for long-term, indoor applications or when you just want an elegant look to your banner. We can add grommets, sew in pole-pockets, and always hem the edges.Advantages: elegant look for any foyer or sanctuary. Looks great for years. Easy to store.

4th: Choose Your Finishing

Sample of banner with grommets

Sample of banner with Pole Pockets

5th: Choose Your Hardware

X-Style Banner Stand: Perfect for displaying our 2' x 5' banners (actual banner size is 23-5/8" x 64-1/2"). Constructed of lightweight composites, X stands are durable and easy to store when not being used. Designed for indoor use only. Banner must have grommets to work with this stand.

2' Adjustable Banner Stand: This adjustable-height stand will display one or two vertical banners simultaneously. Works with any 2' wide vertical banner (up to 8'). Banners must have pole pockets to work with this stand.

Additional hardware options are available for various banner sizes. See our complete line of banner hardware.


How to Order Print

Printing Options

Logo upgrade: Add the personal touch of your church logo. Check the logo upgrade and we’ll send you a link to upload your logo file after your order is placed and we'll prep it for print.Additional art fees may apply if significant work is required to get your logo to printing specs. For questions call 888-432-9370

Map upgrade: Don’t drive attendees crazy looking for your church. Add a custom map to your next outreach product and increase your response rate by getting more people in your doors. We’ll create your map based on the address you give us, using the latest map information for your city. We’ll then send you a proof of the map for your approval before printing your job.

Have a question regarding church printing? Give us a call at 888-432-9370 or request a quote.